Bottle Return

Aluminum Cans

Tom’s Re-opens Bottle/Can Returns on June 15

Bottle Returns will be available from 8AM – 8PM daily.

To help us manage what is sure to be an overwhelming demand for bottle returns we’re asking for your help with the following to make the process as smooth as possible for everyone including our team members.

  • Follow the social distancing and line management floor markers and signage.
  • Please do not dump loose bottles and cans in to shopping carts.
  • Separate your bottles and cans before coming to the store to help keep the flow of customers moving.
  • Drain all cans and bottles and place them in clean bags/containers before coming to the store.
  • Only bring beverage container brands that are sold at Tom’s.
  • Understand the maximum amount of returnable beverage containers is $25 each visit per family.
  • Plan accordingly before you arrive as the bottle return rooms will be busy.
  • Please be patient, practice social distancing and wear a face covering.
  • Please remove your shopping cart from the bottle return area when finished to ensure plenty of room for everyone.
  • Bottle Returns may temporarily close if we reach our storage capacity prior to supply replenishment.
  • Bottle Returns may close periodically and without notice for cleaning.
  • We are currently unable to process a return on any item that is not accepted by the machine per State of Michigan Guidelines.